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Here's a listing of some notable Blackbird missions. Some that changed history.

Also, at times various museum and other organizations hold special events to discuss and educate the public on the Blackbird program.

First Operational Black Shield Mission over Vietnam

First Operational Black Shield Mission over Vietnam

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On 31 May 1967, Mel Vojvodich (CIA) flew A12 #937 out of Kadena on the First Operational Black Shield Mission over North Vietnam and the DMZ, the A12 photographed 70 of the known 190  SAM missile sites. The flight lasted 3 hours and 39 minutes and was flown at Mach 3.1 and an altitude of 80,000 feet.

The mission aircraft entered North Vietnam over Haiphong at 0313:46Z and exited over the demilitarized zone (DMZ) at 0421:45Z.

Mission photography did not give any evidence of offensive surface-to-surface missile equipment (SSM) or facilities. There were 190 known North Vietnamese SA-2 sites before the mission. Seventy of these sites were photographed by BSX-001, as was the [REDACTED]. Nine of the CIMIREX Priority I targets were covered by this mission.

There was no indication of [REDACTED] North Vietnamese tracking.  [REDACTED]. There was no indication of a weapons reaction while the mission aircraft was over hostile territory.

The Department of Defense (DOD) strike/jamming operations during the misson flight period were light. No EB-66B or EB-66C jamming aircraft were operational during the reconnaissance mission.


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