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YF-12A Blackbird #06934 / #1001

YF-12A Blackbird #06934 / #1001

Location: Lost on August 14, 1966 at Edwards AFB, CA. (Some say July 14, 1966)
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This is the aircraft used to make SR-71C #61-7981.


60-6934 (YF-12A) This aircraft, the first YF-12A built, was seriously damaged as a result of internal systems overheating on 14 August 1966 during a landing accident at Edwards AFB. The rear half was later used to build the SR-71C (61-7981) which flew for the first time on March 14 1969. The airframe remained intact but the damage to internal systems was beyond repair. What happened to the forward section is anybody's guess, but the aft end lives on as part of SR-71C #981. The pilot was Colonel Vern Henderson and the FCO was Capt Jim Cooney. LAC #1001 (934) flew 180.9 hours total flight time prior to the crash.


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